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Clockwork Circus Color
Mar 18, 2024
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A selection of animals from my Clockwork Circus collections — this time in full color. I worked in black and white for the original collections to help keep things consistent and because it provided a classy, documentary feel. Many of the animals were initially rendered in color before being transitioned to monochrome. These original versions were kinda dope, and worth sharing.


Clockwork lion with fluffy realistic fur and illuminated mechanical eyes and armor plating sitting down on a black background lit from above, looking up at camera from below, half natural and half clockwork automata machine with matte black metal, illuminated mechanical eyes, high-contrast, shot on Nikon D850 Use lenses 50mm f 1.4, studio light, ultra realistic, 8k ultra hd --ar 7:3 --style raw --stylize 1000 --v 6