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Mushrooms II
Dec 25, 2023
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A second take on enormous magical mushrooms — this time leveraging style tuning parameters to define a more whimsical / fantastical vibe than the stark realism (or as realistic as giant mushrooms can be) of the first set. I was also trying to produce a more consistent atmospheric feel, which was definitely challenging before tuning entered the picture.


Distant person facing away with their back to us and looking up at a forest of giant magical mushrooms at night, fairy lights, fireflies, thick fog, whispy mist, giant ferns, purple and magenta and orange and indigo and black colors, angled upward, volumetric light, low contrast, natural light, shot on DSLR Canon 5D, 35mm lens, f/5.0 --no hats helmets --ar 21:9 --s 750 --style (custom parameter) --v 5.2