Welcome to my ongoing explorations into generative AI. Created using Midjourney, each new collection represents a step along my learning journey as I figure out how to produce intentional visuals that have an equally intentional and consistent style. These have been tremendously fun to explore, and the resulting 4K wallpapers are free for all to download and enjoy.

A note on generative AI

As an illustrator, I have had decidedly mixed feelings about generative AI and how unbalanced the relationship is between it and the artists whose work has been used to train it. As a creative professional I have to make my peace with the idea that AI is here to stay and — like any innovation — understanding how to use it effectively is now an essential skill.

For anyone who sees their work or style reflected in the explorations captured here, I salute you for being able to produce on your own what I have only been able to achieve through technical wizardry. My only contribution to the work above is the effort I’ve spent figuring out the tools, and the (hopefully) good taste of my curation.