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Nov 5, 2023
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For my first intentional-topic set of generative art, I decided I wanted to explore mysterious monoliths standing in a wide variety of terrestrial environments and weather/lighting conditions. I found out right away that Midjourney defaults to Iceland for monoliths, so getting it to break out of the rut with very specific alternate locales was a lot of fun. I did not have a specific style intent for this set beyond "as-shot-with-camera photorealism" so it's still plain-vanilla Midjourney. I didn't know about tuning yet so consistency is 100% driven by prompt wording.


Rectangular black metal monolith, emerging from the surface of the ocean at dusk, violent crashing waves, fog, sea spray, volumetric light, storms, wind, photorealism, photorealistic, cinematic, 35mm lens, f/5.0, canon 5d, teal and blue colors --ar 21:9 --s 250 --style raw --v 5.2