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Dynamic Fluids I
Nov 12, 2023
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The intent behind this set was to explore abstract visuals showcasing dynamic fluids of all sorts — molten glass, ink in water, etc. — as if taken with a physical camera with a rapid shutter speed and wide aperture. To be completely honest, I got tired of seeing a bunch of horribly upscaled versions of this type of thing, and wanted to make some desktop wallpaper for myself. And boy did I... the fifteen selections here were culled from over 100 generated images, which is why there's a second set coming after this one. No tuning yet, I'm still wrestling consistency from Midjourney via direct prompt language.


Abstract flowing liquid ink on a dark background with lights, mixing colors running into each other, filling entire frame, bokeh, purple and grey and black colors, natural light, volumetric light, shot on DSLR Canon 5D, 100mm lens, f/7.0 --ar 21:9 --s 250 --style raw --v 5.2