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Clockwork Circus II
Mar 10, 2024
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This is the second half of my "black and white portraits of animals that are part machine" collection. In addition to leveraging Midjourney's v6 model, many of these also received significant touch-ups via Photoshop's built in AI tools. Midjourney can do some amazing things — and really nails the machine parts — but when it comes to dense, fluffy fur Photoshop wins hands-down. The polar bear, lion, and fox each had their fur essentially rebuilt using this feature.


Monochrome clockwork Capuchin monkey with glowing artificial eyes on a black background lit from above, looking at the camera, black and white fur, half natural and half steampunk clockwork automata machine, matte black metal, polished chrome gears, glowing mechanical eyes, high-contrast, shot on Nikon D850 Use lenses 50mm f 1.4, studio light, ultra realistic, 8k ultra hd --ar 7:3 --style raw --stylize 250